The events you'll find outlined here are planned to serve as a pathway to deeply understand race and racial attitudes, recognize our role and to face the complexities of addressing individual and institutional racism.

We encourage you and your family to participate in all the events and experiences available to you.

Palo Alto Art Center

The Black Index

Palo Alto Libraries

Book to Action


A Kids Play About Racism

History Museum


Anti-Racist Conversation Starters

What influenced you to begin your anti-racist journey?
How do you deal with hate language?
How are you cultivating an environment of encouragement and accountability without judgement? 

When did you realize the deep consequences of white supremacy? What experiences or influences have contributed to your decision to become anti-racist? 

What is your plan of action to counteract hate language in everyday interactions?  In what ways are you comfortable educating people speaking from hate?

What active steps are you taking to foster encouragement and accountability around the topic of anti-racism? If you encounter racism or racist remarks, what is your plan of action to hold that person accountable from a place of education and empathy?  

Get Inspired!

Stand up. Speak up. Speak out.

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